I'll admit it, I am a photography nerd! Everything about photography fascinates me. And, if that's not enough, I also study everything I can about photography. Constantly!!! Why, you ask???

In my opinion, great pictures don't just happen. Lots of photographers can "see" a great picture.  In fact, with all the great cameras out there now, it's not too difficult to get a really good picture just by letting the camera do most of the work. Unfortunately, no matter how sophisticated your camera may be, it is still not able to read your mind. And, honestly, there are a lot of situations where the camera can get confused. It simply doesn't know how you are seeing that incredible picture in your mind. All it can do is take the picture using the settings you set. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This is where knowledge is power.

The science of photography is all about light. The more you know about light, the more you can control it. The art of photography is all about controlling that light to create beautiful images.

So, you not only have to be able to "see" a great picture, you also must know how to "create" a great picture. And, finally, being able to get a person's natural beauty to shine for the camera is essential.

I believe that I have been blessed with a unique combination of gifts that allowed me to create the images you see in these galleries. Images like these can become part of your memories if you are willing to give me the opportunity to be your photographer. I truly hope we have the opportunity to work together. And, yes, I mean together. I welcome your input. In fact, I encourage it! Some of the best pictures I have taken have started with your ideas!

Thank you for visiting my website! I hope that, after reading this and reviewing my work, you will want to contact me and set something up. C'mon, let's create something really special!